April 15, 2024

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menu Madrid

(NO. 1492)

April 19, 2024
natural or Ponzu oyster with chorizo sauce
seasoned head of our orchard, comtè 24 months (ud)
Bocata de oreja brava
Txino bread stuffed with cod with crispy wings
Roasted cabbage, noisette butter, black garlic and lemongrass
Green pods and torreznos (bacon) stew
Young leek and truffled mortadella tart tatin
Kalamansi thai curry, braised carrot, grapefruit
Burrata with green mole and fried bimis
Tomato salad, Maraschino cherry, melon, pipará and parmesan cheese
Golden, almond, red grapes
Smoked rice with pumpkin, egg and ham
Hake omelette koskera style
Baby squid, roasted shallots and their juices
Tuna, spinach and red butter tartar
Grilled sea bass, green pepper, pea pods
Grilled monkfish, bakeries and Bilbaína
Crispy codfish, vodka and Andalusian style cabbage
Grilled sea bass, cabbage and homemade kimchi
Cantonese style fried red snapper, sour endive
Grilled grain chicken, green vegetables, borage and green curry
Braised veal stew, beet, black sesame
tender skirt of milk lamb, roasted lettuce, chips
steak tartar steak, torrada de pan payés (toasted country bread)
escalope san román, egg, truffle
sirloin steak with bone of national beef, oak grilled, vinegared potatoes

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